Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Question: Factors to be kept in mind while designing a training program and what are the different delivery styles one can adopt while training?

Question by Nisha Dhanuka

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My Answer:

Whilst designing the training program, I would find out the following:
- Why is this training required (Needs)
- What is expected to change after this training
- Participant profile - Age, Experience, Level, Qualifications, Culture etc. (this would make me decide how the training moves; an e.g. a program for a logical oriented audience would be different from a creative audience
- How many days do we have for this intervention.

Delivery Styles would be individual but I believe can be trained and enhanced. If the above has been mapped, a passionate Trainer can easily adapt to their audience.

4 Basic Styles are:
Speaker / Presenter

A Trainer has to know how to Train & Facilitate, both. Methodologies and techniques need to be used for being effective in transfer of learnings

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