Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Most trainers are merely PPT readers

Most trainers are merely PPT readers - a comment I read on linkedin to which I have put forth my observations below:

I have an objection to the loose use of "most" by the originator of the comment here. It assumes that the person has observed all of us Trainers and then made a comment w.r.t. "most".

If you had said "Most presenters are PPT readers" I would have agreed.

I have had the privilege of conducting TTT's, observing many Trainers / Presenters / Speakers in Mumbai and have a fairly decent network of training friends from whom I have realised that the following:

1. Freelancers and people who get training assignments from Companies generally tend to use PPT more as an Aid and a Cue Card for remembering the flow. They don't end up being PPT readers.

2. There are many Trainers who absolutely don't use PPT at all / or to the basic minimum. They use powerful methodologies like Story Telling, Role Plays, Acitivites, Games, Role Modeling, Group Exercices, Individual Exercises etc.

3. Some Company Internal Trainers do tend to be PPT readers. But this is changing because organisations have started conducting TTT's and Facilitation Skills workshop.

4. New Trainers may use PPT for reading but once the content is sunk-in they move away from PPT usage.

Assuming that the HR is going to pay us Trainers a fee for reading PPT's is mockery of their ability to judge.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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