Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Trainers Aren't Synergestic??????

A year ago, my very dear Trainer friend Bhupesh Dave (a Magician too!) sponsored my ticket to a very vibrant session of Deepak Chopra at Shanmukhanand Hall, Mumbai.

After the session, 4 of us Trainers (myself, Bhupesh, Sachin Kamath & Rajesh Tagore had an interesting conversation.

Our observation was that Deepak Chopra in his 3 hour session, in his examples / andedotes / explanations dropped names of some important people like Dalai Lama etc.and surprisingly also of Trainers/Speakers. He also referenced books & articles of fellow trainers/speakers (who probably could be considered his competitors).

Now cut to sessions by an Indian Trainer / Speaker. It's always about ourselves and when we do talk about other Trainers / Speakers, it would be more of Western Trainers/ Speakers/Authors whom either we have/haven't met or the audience may never have met. Rarely have I seen any Trainer mentioning about him/her having learnt from a colleague Trainer/Speaker from India itself.

Now why is this so?
Wouldn't the pie grow bigger if we could reference each other in a gathering. Wouldn't this lead to a better awareness amogst the people about L&D and who would/could specialize in certain topics.

OR are we frightened of loosing our business if we reference others? Why is it that we Trainers try to deliver all kinds of Topics rather than specialze in just a few which are our strengths?

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