Saturday, February 14, 2009

Attended a Wine Appreciation workshop REVIEW

My 'high's' at the Wine Appreciation Workshop: 7th Feb, 2009
organised by Trainers Forum at Mumbai

Being a teetotaler (Goa port wine being an exception), I had a reason to participate in the Wine Drinking (oops!) Appreciation workshop.

Ages back, whilst working at British Council, I was hosting a "reception" (gathering) wherein Press, Key Invitees (CEO's / MD's of Companies) and Consul Officers were invited to meet the touring group (performers, artistes, music groups).

My Senior was on leave so my Director and myself were the host. After the formal introductions, we had a formal get-together where 'pure' (imported under Diplomatic baggage) wines and liquor flowed.

As a host, I had a glass of white wine and a toast was raised by my Director. One sip of White Wine and it was awful! I quickly went to the bartender and asked for white rum with lemonade (so that I could kill the taste of white wine). One sip and I was on Cloud 9 (the combo seems to have created that effect). I was given lime juice by the bartender to bring me back. I really don't remember what I spoke after this 'high' and with whom and how (good lord! the press didn't interview me)

After this incident, I always wanted to know what people like in wines and why there is soo much snob value attached to wines. In between, I did try red wine but that was awful too. Goa port was what I thought was good enough & uncomplicated for me.

So last Saturday, I set out to learn the art of wine appreciation. And Trainers Forum and Arun made it possible.

And boy, did I learn.
Jacob knew his grapes and his vines (pun unintentional), created 'foreplay' with the information and then ...

the wines,
White, Red, Rose, Apple, Sparkling

When told "how" to, the 'nosing' helped me enjoy the fragrance and the drinking and rolling it in the mouth made me feel it too.

Reds I still haven't liked but white was enjoyable and especially the apple was enchanting (I don't know the appropriate word in french).

The sad part was lot of wine got wasted, as we didn't drink all of it (or couldn't, I was seeing 2 Aruns by this time) and I didn't know whether I could ask for the wine to be "parceled". If we were served wines from the start of the workshop, I'm sure none would have been wasted but then I wonder whether we would have listened to Jacob at all.

Another sad part was, I couldn't interact with most of the participants as the group was big and no "Icebreaker" was part of this program.

I got a Certificate, ... now was it wine appreciator or wine drinker?, I don't know (I was on a pleasant high by this time).

Thank you Arun, Indage & Hyatt for this program. Friends, if you weren't present, you really missed it!!!

Warm regards

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