Friday, June 5, 2009

Is classroom training still relevant?

In India (no research to support my comment... just my observation),

IT guys seem to enjoy and sink in on-line learning more that other functions

Others seem to like Classroom Training and find if more effective.

Everyone doesn't have a internet connection at home, so the question is where would the log from.... naturally from the office... that means as it is they are hard pressed for time and now online learning mode becomes an additional time pressure. And more time to be spent on the machine now.... it's taking its toll.

Classroom training would be away from the screen, away from the seat and the associated organizational interferences (few consider such training as "picnics" if scheduled residential and in a resort). Interaction between participants happen and often encouraged by the Facilitator... it also makes people know each other better.

I for one, surely feel Classroom Training is relevant.

(P.S. We Indian's still psychologically follow the 'Gurukul tradition' of learning...known as 'Guru...Shishya parampara')

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