Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain rain come again

Today was a wet rainy day. It had rained all night.

Morning came, and wow!!! I was in Vienna. There is water all around our building.

I stay on the ground floor but our architect /builder (more than 70 years ago) had foreseen water logging on our road. The ground floor is at a height of about 6 feet from the road level. Think of planning and proactivity.

It was wonderful!!! The road was less noisy with only a few BEST buses passing by (all other traffic having stopped). When the bus came the waves also come in. The pleasant breeze was enjoyable too.

Suddenly I remembered that I had a training program to go for. Now I wanted the water to go away. Unfortunately it didn't.

I called up the client and spoke to them. They were accomodating. Raghunath (HR) told me it was fine and to take a call. At about 10 am, water disappeared, called up the client and they said we could still start the session at about 11.30 a.m. So off I was.

Again at about 4 p.m. there was a scare and we had to close the session early. Raghunath arranged for me to be dropped at Bandra by the Co. bus. I was home by 6.30 p.m

It was an eventful fun & enjoyable day.

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Fahad said...

H2O a neccesity... gives lives... takes lives...
Lazy day at work & garam bhajiyas at home...
Its all happenening in aamchi mumbai!!!

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