Thursday, November 8, 2012

Are Certification really necessary be be a Trainer

3 perspectives: 

1. Most of the certifications offered by International Training Co's. certifies one in the delivery of their offerings i.e. that Certification is valid for delivering only their particular IPR deliveries. Usually these are marketed by their team / franchisees. YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T PAY ANY MONEY /CHARGE FOR THESE CERTIFICATIONS (if they ask for payment then this is a harmful business model and usually Franchisees are known to make additional amounts thus!)... NOTE: BTW you can't deliver these programs under your own brand and it has to be routed through them. 

2. A few agencies claim that they certify Trainers in general training skills.... this is NOT REQUIRED IN INDIA. You really don't get any business with such certifications if you can't deliver an effective training program. However if you wish to learn, enhance or polish your skills, then you may want to look at these options. 

3. The third is International Certifying Bodies: 
ASTD, ICF, IAF etc. These certifications really hold valve if you are delivering training to MNC's and in countries outside Asia. These certifications usually are competency based and one need not really undergo preparatory programs under any particular agency. As most of these registering bodies are located in US, even a minimum certification charge in dollars can be very cost-prohibitive in local currency.

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