Monday, February 21, 2011

The Training grass on the other side

w no response or their colleagues inform that they would get back to us soon. They don't even let us know that it is a "NO".

I strongly suspect that this is done either for the 3-quotation requirement (for audit purposes) and therefore they try to source the expensive quotations as they have already finalised their Trainer / Training Company; OR for getting ready-made designs which then they incorporate into their own in-house design claiming it to be their own work.

Now this is not what I am writing for.
I write to make our Trainers aware of something happening later that really amuses me.

Few of these seniors, in recent years have either retired / or gone into independent consultancy..... and some of them have got into training.

Now the fun is that they have come to the other side ("the grass being always greener on the other side!"). Recently a few of them were complaining that clients (Companies and thus naturally their HR's ) do not get back, do not respond to calls and keep on asking for designs & proposals and don't get back at all.

Wow! .... amusing, isn't it?
Warm regards

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