Monday, February 21, 2011

Why are we "Trainers" here?

One of my friends & a Faculty in a well-known B-school called me asking for advice:
[He works as a Senior HR in a well-known organisation who also moonlights as a Visiting Faculty in a B-school. He is good in his subject, runs the class with a book and sharing his personal experiences. However energy wise he is low in energy in class (his age being on the higher side of 50)].

He is within a few years approaching retirement. He has an option of accepting VRS too with a good package.

Now his question was whether he should take VRS and enter the field of Training as a Freelancer? For him Training would a good source additional income and would give him an opportunity to relax too.

Now,my thought is "Why are we Trainers here?"

For some of us it is "passion" - we have chosen to let go of our other careers and tansition to this field. And this is where we are going to be till a long time.

However for some - it's a Pension Plan
And for some others - its a Stop-Gap arrangement.
And for few others (this is where a few Training Co's I know fall into) ... just a BUSINESS.

Now those who see our field as a pension-plan or a stop-gap arrangement or a business, would they build value....
And then, how would they treat fellow-trainers,
Why wouldn't they NOT undercut others,
And Why NOT pay a 'commission-bribe' to get the business.

Let's ask ourselves,
"Why Am I Here?"

....and are we gonna devalue this profession.

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