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Why am I a Trainer?

Sometimes I wonder, Why am I a Trainer? ... preparation for each and every program, ... meeting clients, understanding needs, designing a curriculum, ... negotiating with clients on rates, ... participant workbooks, ... delivering effectively, ... analysing feedback, ... meeting clients again, ... and much more. Won't it be better to take up a job? or do something else... Then I realise, I always wanted to be here, ... to make a difference in self through others Regards Ajit

Appreciation as a Soft Skill

Genuine appreciation is what one looks out for and one starts valuing the appreciation and the appreciator. Let's explore our Indian culture .... The Appreciator (the one giving the appreciation) How many of us genuinely know how to appreciate? The appreciator is clumsy giving it and if the receiver is of the opposite gender, the appreciator is worried about what the receiver would think! Nowadays appreciating someone from the same gender isn't easy too. Even a Leader doesn't know how to give it. When appreciation is given in a 'open' environment, onlookers make faces that range from "Why" to "Flirt!!!". Sometimes even the receiver tries to find out the 'underlying intention' behind the appreciation. The Receiver (the one being appreciated) Secondly how many of us know how to "accept" appreciation? When appreciated, we are 'embarrassed' , we don't know how to react or respond, so we start a 'defensive'

Attended a Wine Appreciation workshop REVIEW

My 'high's' at the Wine Appreciation Workshop: 7th Feb, 2009 organised by Trainers Forum at Mumbai Being a teetotaler (Goa port wine being an exception), I had a reason to participate in the Wine Drinking (oops!) Appreciation workshop . Ages back, whilst working at British Council, I was hosting a "reception" (gathering) wherein Press, Key Invitees ( CEO's / MD's of Companies) and Consul Officers were invited to meet the touring group (performers, artistes, music groups). My Senior was on leave so my Director and myself were the host. After the formal introductions, we had a formal get-together where 'pure' (imported under Diplomatic baggage) wines and liquor flowed. As a host, I had a glass of white wine and a toast was raised by my Director. One sip of White Wine and it was awful! I quickly went to the bartender and asked for white rum with lemonade (so that I could kill the taste of white wine). One sip and I was on Cloud 9 (the