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Isn't Speaking a profession too???

I was recently invited by an Association to do a session for them. When I explored about fees, they told me that theirs was a charitable organisation. What does this mean? Don't these organisations pay for any services? What about their Auditors, Accountants and Staff. Y0u could be part of an organisation that does social service for the community. That's great!!! I am also a part of such organisations but that's my choice. How can your charity be my charity???? And when will you start valuing "Speakers" and the time they invest? Doctors charge, Lawyers & Accountants too, cos that's their profession. But Speakers aren't supposed to ... doesn't it sound strange. Even the Toast Master's expects a Speaker/Trainer to do a session for them gratis. Toast Masters being the flag bearers should understand that they can bring "value" to the profession. We had started a Speakers Club in Mumbai, India about 4 years back and every "Speaker&qu