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Unsubstantiated claims by Trainers: Are we becoming more like products today? Or braggers?

It's hilarious: One Trainer claims that he is India's No. 1 Train the Trainer. I really don't know who is the Certifying body and what's the basis of this claim but nevertheless the claim is part of the signature line. Another claims to be Mumbai 1st Trainer in a particular Technique. Till recently he claimed to the only one certified in that technique. A Intl. Training Co. Franchisee claims to be the Global Top Training Co. They are a listed Co. in US and their financial statement showed that they were a loss making company until a few years back (whereas the claim started about 7 to 8 years ago). Is this required? And why do we need this? Can't our work speak for ourselves through our clients? Do we think that Client HR is soooo damn stupid that they aren't going to ask us for the rationale on our claim. BTW, are they asking?

Preps ON!!!!

Yesterday late night, Sunil and I were sitting and planning the flow of the Theater Training workshop on 15, 16. I am feeling the value and the direction of the training is going on the right track. Most of the participants are trainers and we expect a lot of fun, learning and churning.

Trainers Forum is happy to announce the 2-day workshop on Using Drama and Theater in Training on 15th and 16th October, 2011, at Mumbai.

Perspective : Dramatics and Theatre techniques are powerful mediums to make individuals reflect on their own behaviours in the organisation. The workshop is divided into two parts: 1 st part – The Actor in you 2 nd part – The Trainer as an Actor On Day 1, the participant refreshes on the basic nuances of Acting and understands the power of “Improv” as a tool of quick responses. On Day 2 the participant explores usage of theatre in training using methodologies like Role Plays, Role Modeling, Forum Theatre, Scenario building for Skills Practice etc., About the Facilitator: Ajit Kamath, Director, WizTalks - Ajit started lecturing in 1992, and has been in the space of Soft Skills Training since 1996. Since 2002 he started Training for Corporates' on topics such as Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Team Building & Leadership. He has been associated with Theatre since 1988 and has acted, directed, written One-Act Plays for the amateur Theatre circuit and has also co-fac

"Theatre in Training" Pictures

Theatre in Training by Ajit Kamath on Sun, 29 May

Dear Friends, We would like to personally invite you all for the Trainers Forum Meet at Mumbai, on Sunday, 29th May, 2011. Session I –The objective of the session is to understand how Dramatics and Theater techniques are powerful mediums to make a Trainer communicate learning concepts to his participants powerfully. Theater uses all the 3 elements i.e. visual, auditory and kinesthetic Session includes: Introduction Various Theatre Techniques useful in Training Role Plays (commonly used) ‘Improv’ (Improvisation) Forum Theatre – Trainer as a Role Player Forum Theatre – Trainer as a Role Player and Action/Reaction as per the audience Forum Theatre – Professional Actors as Role Players Skills Practice Facilitator: Mr. Ajit Kamat h , Director, Wiz T alks. Ajit started lecturing in 1992, and has been in the space of Soft Skills Training since 1996. Since 2002 he started Training for Corporates' on topics such as Presentation Skills , Communication S

Why are we "Trainers" here?

One of my friends & a Faculty in a well-known B-school called me asking for advice: [He works as a Senior HR in a well-known organisation who also moonlights as a Visiting Faculty in a B-school. He is good in his subject, runs the class with a book and sharing his personal experiences. However energy wise he is low in energy in class (his age being on the higher side of 50)]. He is within a few years approaching retirement. He has an option of accepting VRS too with a good package. Now his question was whether he should take VRS and enter the field of Training as a Freelancer? For him Training would a good source additional income and would give him an opportunity to relax too. Now,my thought is "Why are we Trainers here?" For some of us it is "passion " - we have chosen to let go of our other careers and tansition to this field. And this is where we are going to be till a long time. However for some - it's a Pension Plan And for some others - its a

The Training grass on the other side

w no response or their colleagues inform that they would get back to us soon. They don't even let us know that it is a "NO". I strongly suspect that this is done either for the 3-quotation requirement (for audit purposes) and therefore they try to source the expensive quotations as they have already finalised their Trainer / Training Company; OR for getting ready-made designs which then they incorporate into their own in-house design claiming it to be their own work. Now this is not what I am writing for. I write to make our Trainers aware of something happening later that really amuses me. Few of these seniors, in recent years have either retired / or gone into independent consultancy..... and some of them have got into training. Now the fun is that they have come to the other side ("the grass being always greener on the other side!"). Recently a few of them were complaining that clients (Companies and thus naturally their HR's ) do not get back, do n

Why Trainers Aren't Synergestic??????

A year ago, my very dear Trainer friend Bhupesh Dave (a Magician too!) sponsored my ticket to a very vibrant session of Deepak Chopra at Shanmukhanand Hall, Mumbai. After the session, 4 of us Trainers (myself, Bhupesh, Sachin Kamath & Rajesh Tagore had an interesting conversation. Our observation was that Deepak Chopra in his 3 hour session, in his examples / andedotes / explanations dropped names of some important people like Dalai Lama etc.and surprisingly also of Trainers/Speakers. He also referenced books & articles of fellow trainers/speakers (who probably could be considered his competitors). Now cut to sessions by an Indian Trainer / Speaker. It's always about ourselves and when we do talk about other Trainers / Speakers, it would be more of Western Trainers/ Speakers/Authors whom either we have/haven't met or the audience may never have met. Rarely have I seen any Trainer mentioning about him/her having learnt from a colleague Trainer/Speaker from India itse