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Unsubstantiated claims by Trainers: Are we becoming more like products today? Or braggers?

It's hilarious: One Trainer claims that he is India's No. 1 Train the Trainer. I really don't know who is the Certifying body and what's the basis of this claim but nevertheless the claim is part of the signature line. Another claims to be Mumbai 1st Trainer in a particular Technique. Till recently he claimed to the only one certified in that technique. A Intl. Training Co. Franchisee claims to be the Global Top Training Co. They are a listed Co. in US and their financial statement showed that they were a loss making company until a few years back (whereas the claim started about 7 to 8 years ago). Is this required? And why do we need this? Can't our work speak for ourselves through our clients? Do we think that Client HR is soooo damn stupid that they aren't going to ask us for the rationale on our claim. BTW, are they asking?